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This timeless expression is all too appropriate in the "Legal Business". You must rely on an attorney to evaluate your case and you must trust your attorney.

I handle all misdemeanor and felony criminal matters such as: Domestic Violence, Shoplifting, Assault/Battery, Drug Possession and Use, Reckless Driving, and Traffic Violations, but a great deal of my experience is with DUI cases.

Beware of some of the industry tricks:
  • I don't use full page ads or promote myself because I don't need to do so.
  • I don't use phony addresses to make you think I have multiple offices.
  • I don't take your money and plead guilty without a thorough investigation.
  • I don't sell you a trial when I know it is a poor case for trial.
  • I don't list my winning cases to make you think I win every time.
  • I don't lie to my clients about penalties or defenses to get retained.
  • I don't give unrealistic evaluations of cases in order to obtain trial money.
  • I don't get too busy to return phone calls promptly after being retained.
  • I don't charge outrageous fees with hidden charges down the road.
  • I don't hand your case off to an inexperienced associate.
  • I don't join enumerable DUI associations to pad my resume with the bogus list.
  • I don't pay for meaningless DUI certificates and awards to fool clients.
  • I don't attend weekend DUI seminars at Harvard to display the Harvard certificate.
  • I don't donate my time on high profile cases to get my name in the paper.
  • I don't call the media begging to be interviewed and claim to be a guest consultant.
  • I don't pay fees to "Who's Who" or other publications to print my name.
  • I don't quote gratuitous comments from judges such as "he was the best attorney".
  • I have represented people charged with their first offense as well as people charged with seven DUI prior offenses
  • I have represented people charged with Felony DUI, Vehicular Manslaughter and Murder
  • I have represented people charged with DUI from alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and combinations.
  • I routinely handle all DMV matters including: APS hearings, Negligent Operator hearings, and Medical/Elder suspension hearings.
My fees are about half of what the high-end, high-volume, DUI firms charge.
Call me immediately if you have been charged with a DUI. (760) 431-0255